If you have spare fruit and vegetables from your allotment or garden we can get it to feeding projects (foodbanks, low-cost markets or community meals) helping people across Bradford who need a bit of help getting healthy, affordable food.

How it works

We introduce your group of allotment plot holders, or other group of growers, to a local feeding project. We’ll provide you with strong, covered plastic boxes which you’ll need to put in a shaded area. On an agreed day, growers fill the boxes with their spare produce, and the feeding project comes and collects it to distribute to those that need it.

The more growers you can get, the more effective your support will be, but any size group will make a difference. You might run all all year round, or just in the summer.

For information regarding safe produce for donation, and the use of pesticides on your crop, please visit the Bradford Council Allotments page.

Get started

Talk to your fellow growers, your allotment association or your site representative, and then get in touch with us on hello@feedingbradford.org.uk so that we can connect you with your local feeding project.