“Our vision is a Bradford district free of food poverty where people have access to affordable good food.”

Feeding Bradford and Keighley is a network of organisations and charities across the Bradford District which are involved in feeding people and promoting food security. The network meets quarterly when member organisations share updates about the work going on across Bradford and Keighley, and coordinate work to ensure resources are used strategically to deliver the most possible food to those who need it.

The Network has a small steering group drawn from a much wider membership of organisations.

Why we’re here

Feeding Bradford & Keighley is a membership organisation with over 90 member organisations or individuals who are working to address food poverty across the Bradford District. We share ideas, promote best practice, collate information and work on joint projects together.

Feeding Bradford was formed in 2017 as an independent pilot group seeded by Feeding Britain, out of some earlier meetings between food organisations in Bradford. It was formally constituted in April 2018. In March 2020, Keighley Food Poverty Action Partnership joined with Feeding Bradford to form a network covering the whole of our Metropolitan District.

Our vision is a Bradford District free of food poverty where people have access to affordable good food.

Key areas of work include:

  • supporting the development of low-cost food provision across the District
  • developing and promoting holiday provision activities and food for children
  • participating in Feeding Britain’s Pathways out of Poverty programme to put advice workers directly into food settings
  • supporting foodbanks to work effectively together, and supporting the development of a one-stop information website for people seeking food in Bradford
  • supporting crisis meal providers to work together and be informed of services available to support their guests.


You can read or download our constitution below.